Seeking Maple Mt.ChokaiEE

@Shipping for the hOHIGANhweek also the end,
after a long time of trekking

There in the middle Mount Chokai, which has been
anxious from the front "Chokai Lake"

```Sept.27 to Sept. 29, 2015 ``


table of contents


Sept. 27 (Sun) (Cloudy)

From Tsurugashima JCT from Tomei,
Kenodo, Kan'etsudo-highwayA straight go to Akita Prefecture Kisakata!

Sept. 28 (Mon) (sunny)

Perfect weather, Toward Chokai lake of Mt. Chokai, after a long time of trekking,
Today's inn is ... Niigata "Sekikawa Road Station"

Sept. 29 (Tue) (sunny)

Plan completed without even preliminary Date, And it has gotten chestnut in Obuse
And ... that we go home a day earlier
But, it is happening at the time of departure!